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Bag Features & Instructions

Removing Insert

Unzip the diaper insert completely around and remove

Computer Case Insert

Zip in the computer/briefcase insert completely around if needed to use as a computer bag

Computer Bag

Place laptop in padded compartment slot and the files in the 2nd slot

The Components

Diaper bag, detachable diaper bag insert, and detachable computer bag (sold separately) insert shown

Bottle insulators inserted

Removable bottle insulators

Stroller Examples








Stroller Clip Instructions

Below you will find step by step instructions
for the Luxe Stroller Strap.

Step 1

Take the Luxe Stroller Clips out of the satin drawstring bag

Step 2

Place one of the clips in front of the stroller handle vertically so that the leather side is facing you

Step 3

Flip the clip around the stroller handle away from you and push through the leather handle opening

Step 4

Pull the clip firmly down to make a snug fit on the stroller handle

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 with the 2nd stroller clip.

Step 6

Attach your Mia Bossi bag to the metal clips by the rings on each side of the bag. Make sure your stroller is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bag. (*Please be aware not to attach too heavy of a diaper bag to your stroller as it may cause your stroller to become unstable.)