What Is Best Gift For 8 Year Old Girl On Her Birthday?


If your girl is about to become 8 years old, there is no big reason for you to get worried. There exist a wide range of gifts that you can shop for her during her birthday. Note that, you don’t have to purchase anything that comes your way as her present because their interests usually change quickly. You need to pick an item that will conveniently suit her needs, if you are still confused on what to do, Jonathan from Funtastic Toy toddler.

Make sure you go the extra mile to bring her a gift that she will completely adore. This will exude more confidence to the princess of your life and also improve her personality amongst her peers.

The following are the best gifts for 8 year old girls so that you can make her birthday special and one of its kinds.

1. VTech Kidizoom Camera

Photography is one of the best activities that children love. Since you have interacted with your little princess for years, you know the kind of pictures she loves to take. The VTech Kidizoom camera can be a great gift to her. This digital camera has a rear and front lens that allows children to take photos of objects, including their selfies. It has several kid-friendly features. This involves an automatic shut off of the camera after three minutes of camera inactivity. Additionally, this machine has parental controls that regulate the time of the built-in games of the camera.


Not to mention, this pink camera for children contain interesting overlays that enhance photography. They make the images taken interesting and fun. It also has an external storage capacity of 32GB where your little girl will be able to store quality pictures for her birthday.

2. VCOM Children Headphones

An eight-year-old princess who has more interests in listening to music will cherish headphone as her present during her birthday.VCOM headphones are compatible with most electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, iPods and smart phones. These cute pink headphones have a 3.5mm plug and 1.5m cable.

Many people are fond of this headphone because they are adjustable and can comfortably be used over time as your kid matures. It provides quality sound and is also budget-friendly.

Therefore a guardian who loves her eight-year-old child will always be at ease purchasing this product.VCOM headphone can safeguard the hearing of your child because it is limited to Db of about 85.

3. Hyundly backpack

Guardians are encouraged to purchase a cute backpack for their kids so that it can allow them to carry their commodities when going to school. Hyundly backpack comes in different shape, size and colors. It is waterproof and also has mesh pockets that allow users to place a water bottle on either side of the backpack. The bag is big enough to accommodate school items for your kid, including school folder.

Little girl

This bag is strong and durable with padded shoulder straps, hence making it perfect for daily use. This backpack is comfortable to carry and wear, make it your choice as you think of purchasing a special gift for your 8 years old princess.

4. Mermaid Tail Blanket

For any eight-year-old girl who has a dream of becoming a mermaid,this will be an ideal present for her on her birthday. This product comes in different sizes and therefore a larger size can conveniently suit the needs of your little kid for several years. It also comes in different colors; you can easily select the color that matches the bedroom of your kid.

Furthermore, this blanket is easy to clean and be washed by machine at very low temperatures. It can also be tumble dried. The backside of the blanket can easily be opened out and one can use it to cover the lap especially when watching a screen.

5. Emolly Kids Unicorn Pajama

This list can’t be complete without mentioning unicorn onesie. This product is one of the best gifts a parent can give to her kid when she is turning 8 on her birthday. Unicorn onesie comes in different size and colors. One important feature about it is that is easy to take off and put on because it has a button.

This commodity has side pockets and is designed from breathable resources. It is ideal to wear it during a Halloween party. It is also easy to wash and dry.

In conclusion, kids are a blessing in a family and therefore they need to be appreciated well. This will make them feel cherished, loved and cared. For you to show love to your 8-year-old girl, you are advised to buy the above-mentioned best gifts for 8 year old girls for her on her birthday.