About Us

mom with child on a park

This website is dedicated to mothers and would-be mothers out there. We created this specifically for you to have a to-go place where you can buy the appropriate bags and carryalls for all the stuff about your baby. We recognize that most of the time, fashion and function don’t usually mix together, so this is what we are hoping to address. We want to prove that you don’t need to be less than fashionable just because you are a mom already. Granted, there are items especially fashionable bags that are not mom-friendly but that doesn’t mean that there are no fashionable bags that can be. We create specifically diaper bags that are very fashionable so that you can continue to be on trend even if instead of makeups, you are not carrying diapers and baby formula.

Dianna Rivette is the founder of this online store. She is a mom herself so she is first to understand the first things moms need in order for them to have a harmonious day out with their kids. She faced that dilemma too. She is always forced to choose whether to have functional bags or fashionable ones. At first, she thought that there is no way around this. But then she realized that there is actually a solution and that is to make her own brand. She utilized her long dormant degree in fashion designing to make this happen. So far, she was successful in her craft. She has already developed a huge fan base which members are always on the lookout for the new products she releases. What more is that now they even buy her products from across the world. Her bags are now an international sensation that is sought-after due to its functionality and beauty.

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